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On 1 – 2 October, 2007 an international conference within the framework of the International project...
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From 4 August to 30 September the exhibition of facsimile graphic works “French Etching of the 18th century» from the collection of the Kaliningrad Regional Art Gallery is on show in the Herman Brachert House Museum.
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Herman Brachert Museum

Welcome to the oficial site of the Herman Brachert House Museum!

The Herman Brachert House Museum is located in the village of Otradnoye (Svetlogorsk Municipality) in picturesque surroundings at the Baltic Sea coast. The memorial museum was opened in 1993 in the Brachert family’s country house built by architect H. Hopp in 1931 and reconstructed in 1992.

The exposition of the Museum represents the oeuvre of German sculptor Herman Brachert (1890-1972) and his spouse photographer Maria Brachert (1893-1970). In 1919 - 1944 they lived in East Prussia that they considered their motherland. Herman Brachert practiced sculpture, the art of making medals and jewellery. He created over 20 monumental sculptures for Koenigsberg and provinces of East Prussia. For many years he had worked as a consultant and designer at the National Amber Manufactory. Brachert had been teaching at the School of Art and Craft in Koenigsberg, and then, after moving to Stuttgart in 1944, he worked as a rector of the Fine Arts Academy. Maria Brachert (nee von Wistinghausen) was born in Saint-Petersburg. Together with her husband she lived in Koenigsberg, Georgenswalde and Stuttgart. Being an artist and photographer she produced invaluable material on cultural life of East Prussia: she photographed portraits, architectural landscapes for albums, exhibits of the Museum of Royal Castle, and made photos for the «Book about Amber» and book «Koenigsberg» by Alfred Rhode. Mia’s photographs and diaries, Herman’s sculptures, the hospitable house of the Brachert family and their old garden have preserved the touching atmosphere of love and inspiration that prevailed here in the middle of the last century.

The Herman Brachert House Museum is an area for creativity and communication in the infrastructure of the resort Svetlogorsk. The team of the Museum tries to preserve traditions of the hospitable house, provides group and individual tours, produces exhibitions of Kaliningrad, Lithuanian and Polish artists, hosts exhibitions from other Russian and foreign museums, organizes concerts, meetings of artistic clubs, professional debates and talks.

The Herman Brachert House Museum researches and preserves cultural heritage. The staff works with archives, corresponds with the members of the Brachert family and those who knew them. In 1998 and 2003 respectively memoirs and letters of Mia Brachert were translated into Russian and published. Expedition to the village of Dobrovolsk (Schlossberg) in Krasnoznamensk district was made in 1995 to search the lost sculpture of Herman Brachert «We Died for You to Live» dedicated to the victims of the World War I. Amber elements of the altar cross made by Brachert (1998), his reliefs «Dawn» (1993) and «Source of Love» (2007) were reconstructed. Besides, a copy of the Brachert’s sculpture «Carrying water» (2005) was made for the park of Svetlogorsk.

The Herman Brachert House Museum is a professional center for sculpture that has good connections with sculptors, restorers of sculpture, art historians, and specialists from the State Hermitage Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery and other Russian and foreign museums. The Museum initiated and organized international conferences «Artist in Time» (1998), «Brachert’s Oeuvre in the Context of Contemporary Culture» (2003), «Role of Small Cities’ Museums in Increasing Tourist Attractiveness of a Place» (2006). The International Symposium of Sculptors held at the Museum in 1998 started the collection of contemporary plastic arts. The Museum’s mission is to preserve and promote sculptural heritage of the past, develop research and infrastructural basis for contemporary sculpture and make Svetlogorsk an international centre of contemporary sculpture.

The Museum has been actively developing. It has ambitious plans for the future which envisage establishing large museum facility that will include the Museum itself, atelier for sculptors, international centre of sculpture in the building of a water-tower, the park of sculpture «Georgenswalde» along Gauzupsky brook, excursion train Kaliningrad – Georgenswalde and recreational zone along the railway. The Museum facility will become a centre of traditional and contemporary sculpture integrated into artistic context of the Baltic Sea area, aiming to develop professional communication, artistic and educational process as well as cultural and historical tourism in Svetlogorsk Municipality of the Kaliningrad region.